A collection of questions that (almost) every client asks up
What CMS platform are your websites built on?

We develop all our websites on the WordPress CMS. Being the post popular web platform out there, it allows us the flexibility and support to ensure that your site is future-proof and stable long-term.

Do you use themes or create a custom design?

We don't use pre-made themes for our websites. Instead, we custom design your site to best meet your needs and tell your story. We then use a modular page builder to allow you to edit the site content, sections, photos and more as you need changes in the future. Zero coding necessary!

How much say do I get in the design process?

We're all about understanding what design styles you like and what supports the story you're trying to tell the best. Our clients typically trust us to translate their eye into a compelling design that employs our best practices, but we always allow you to review and offer feedback.

Do you outsource your design work?

No. All work from design to development is done by our small team in-house.

Do I have to provide content?

Nope! We will work to best tell your story with your voice. We just ask that you help us learn about your business and how you communicate - and be there to support us by reviewing our content for accuracy.

Can I edit my website after it's done?

Absolutely! We build the website to make it super easy for you to make edits. From changing text to adding photos and videos, the front-end page builder is intuitive and easy to learn. After your website launches, we'll be happy to spend some time with you and your team to teach how to keep the website fresh and up to date.

Do you offer support and edits/updates?

We do. We offer hosting and maintenance plans to all our clients. We can keep the website updated and secure, to ensure there is no downtime, hacks, or errors. We're also happy to support your website change needs as they come up at our hourly rate. If you're on a marketing retainer with us, all changes are free, of course!

Do you offer a guarantee?

We do guarantee that your website will be delivered to you bug-free and fully as expected. And will correct any errors that result from our initial coding right after launch.

While our websites last, on average, 4-5 years before major updates are needed to keep up with changing technologies, we can't offer a long-term guarantee for a few reasons:

If we're not hosting or managing your website, we can't ensure it's up-to-date and secure. There are too many changes in code and hack vulnerabilities for us to be responsible if your website breaks while not under our watch.

If you or somebody else is managing your website, it's very easy to accidentally change code or functionality while not knowing the full scope of how things are built. If you install a Ford Fiesta transmission into your BMW, it won't exactly work.

If you elect to have us host and manage your website, we do guarantee that your site will be up 99.9% of the time and kept fully up to date and secure. In that case, we cover any issues or errors that popup.
And, we guarantee that any time you need, help, you can reach out and we're here to help.

Are there hidden costs?

Not on our end. Once you have a contract, that's the price you pay. The only exception would be in the very rare case of a major change in scope after the site has been reviewed, developed, and approved (say you have a major re-brand after we've already developed the site). This has happened once or twice in the 10 years we've been in business and both times the client was fully informed and aware of the cost of the change they requested.

There are a few things to be aware of, however, when it comes to your website and third parties:

If you elect to host with another company, there are often additional costs for "upgrades" like an SSL certificate and more. Just make sure to plan that out and be fully informed.

If you hire a digital marketing provider other than us after we launch your website, they may ask for additional features, functions or pages that we would bill out at our hourly rate. We build those types of things in if we know ahead of time, but sometimes that pops up later.

If you require third-party plugins or features that aren't included in our standard build, then you may have licensing that you need to keep on top of long-term. We provide and cover the lifetime of licensing costs for the plugins or systems we use, but if you require something unique, we'll ask that you keep and manage it.

What about SEO?

We build all websites with our SEO best practices standard. By default, we include proper header tags, meta descriptions, social sharing images, sitemaps, speed optimizations and more. Nearly every site we launch outperforms its predecessor out of the box.

If you want ongoing optimization and support to turbocharge your SEO, talk to us about our digital marketing services.

Is mobile-friendly extra?

Nope. We design and develop all websites from the beginning to look beautiful on a mobile device and work well on all devices. We believe the customer experience should be the same regardless of how a prospective customer is viewing your site.

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